How to Find The Ring Size (Without Ruining The Surprise!)

It's no secret that getting the right ring size for your significant other can be a challenge. You want to surprise her with the perfect ring, but don't want to ruin the surprise by asking for her ring size. We're here to help! Here are the stealthiest ways to get her ring size without giving away the surprise.

1.Borrow a Ring

The first and most straightforward way to determine her ring size is to borrow one of her rings. Make sure to pick one that she wears on her ring finger. Take the ring to a jewelry store or print a ring size chart and compare the inside diameter of the ring to the chart.

2.Tracing her Ring

If you can't borrow one of her rings, you can try tracing her ring on a piece of paper. Place the ring on a piece of paper and trace around the inside and outside of the ring. Make sure to measure the inside diameter of the traced circle and compare it to a ring size chart to determine her size.

3. Size Adjustable Rings

Another option is to consider size adjustable rings. These are rings that can be easily adjusted to fit her finger without having to worry about an exact size. Some adjustable rings have a small band of metal that can be tightened or loosened for the perfect fit, while others have a more flexible band that can stretch to fit her finger. This option takes the guesswork out of determining her ring size and ensures that the ring will fit comfortably on her finger.

4. Guessing Her Ring Size

If all else fails, you can always take a guess at her ring size. It's better to err on the side of caution and go a little larger rather than too small. Most jewelry stores offer resizing services if the ring is too large.

5. Ask Her Friends or Family

Another option is to discreetly ask her friends or family members if they know her ring size. Just make sure to keep the surprise a secret!

6. Use a Ring Sizer

A ring sizer is a plastic tool that can be used to determine her ring size. Simply slip the sizer onto her finger and adjust it until it fits comfortably. The size will be indicated on the sizer, which you can then take to a jewelry store to purchase the perfect ring.


With these stealthy methods, you'll be able to determine her ring size and purchase the perfect ring for her. Whether you borrow one of her rings, trace it, guess, ask her friends or family, or choosing a size adjustable ring, you're sure to find the way to the perfect surprise.